What is a Warrant Walk Through?

If you know you have a warrant out for your arrest for a minor offense, a warrant walk through prevents you from having to do jail time. You show up to the jail with your bail bondsmen and turn yourself in to be booked and processed on your warrant. Sometimes, you can void having to pay bond by exchanging it with a warrant walk through.

How Does a Warrant Walk Through Work?

Warrant Walk Throughs Help To Dismiss Bail And Lower Sentencing When You Turn Yourself In

To request a warrant walk through, contact a bail bondsmen and fill out the paperwork regarding your warrant. You must give court notice about the warrant. If you are being investigated for a crime, a detective will usually call you and inform you that they are issuing a warrant. Get as much information as possible, and see if a walk through is eligible to dismiss the warrant.

By turning yourself in, it shows your willingness to cooperate with law enforcement and the court. This can help reduce your sentence or fines instead of having the police hunt you down and show up at your house to arrest you. Having a bail bondsman with you is critical when doing a warrant walk through. If you are booked and processed that day, the bondsmen can bail you out and ensure that you spend as little time in jail as possible.

Law in general can be complicated, and unknown terms like walk throughs can make things more difficult. If you have any questions on how a warrant walk through works, call ATX Bail Bonds in Austin, TX at 512.834.2245 today.