What Are the Charges For Shoplifting?

Theft is a broad umbrella term that covers many forms of stealing. From identity theft to robbery to fraud, there are lots of ways people can steal. A common form of stealing that people of all ages often commit is shoplifting. The charges of theft are determined based on how much and the value of the property you stole. Depending on the amount stolen, shoplifting charges can result in you needing felony or misdemeanors bail. If you need theft charges bail bonds in Austin, call us. If you have been arrested for shoplifting and need theft charges bail bonds in Austin, TX, ATX Bail Bonds is waiting at 512.834.2245 to help.

Lady Shoplifts OTC Drugs

OTC Drugs Are One Of the Most Common Shoplifting Items

5 Items Americans Steal The Most

  • Cosmetics: Small and easy to hide, cosmetics are always a popular go-to item for thieves. Makeup items that don’t come prepackaged like lipstick and nail polish are also easy to put in purses.
  • Alcohol: Often committed by minors, stealing alcohol is like a twofold adrenaline rush for them. Not only are they breaking the law by stealing, but they are stealing something they are against the law to drink.
  • Baby formula and Diapers: Baby necessities are expensive! One box of diapers can cost $40 and one can of baby formula costs $25. Given that a baby goes through 10 cans a month, it is understandable why these are popular items to steal.
  • Clothing: Easy to hide under clothes or to wear out, clothes are the go-to image when thinking of shoplifting. Additions of security sensors have made it more difficult.
  • Over the Counter Drugs: Wonder why your allergy pills are now locked up behind the pharmacist? It’s because of thieves. OTC drugs containing pseudoephedrine were stolen because it is used to make meth inconspicuously. Pregnancy tests and weight loss pills are also frequently shoplifted out of embarrassment.