Overview Of Recognizance Bonds

If you get arrested and want to get out of jail before your court date, 3 different types of bail bonds exist: surety bonds, cash bonds, and recognizance bonds. If you’ve never heard of that last one, don’t worry, plenty of people haven’t. To help you understand recognizance bonds a little bit better, we’ve put together a quick overview of what they involve:

prison cells





How do they work?

The advantage to getting a recognizance bond, or getting released on recognizance (OR), has to do with the fact that, unlike cash or surety bonds, you don’t have to make any initial payment. All you do involves signing a contract wherein you promise to pay your full bond amount should you miss your court date or fail to meet the court’s conditions. Unfortunately, these conditions tend to involve more restrictions than cash or surety bonds; they often reflect those of probation. Recognizance bonds only tend to get offered to those with a low flight risk and no past criminal history – usually for misdemeanors rather than felonies.

For most people, surety bonds prove the most efficient option. If you or a loved one finds themselves on the wrong end of a jail cell, ATX Bail Bonds can get them out; use the time to build your case. Talk to one of our licensed bondsman today: (512) 834-2245.