Attractions In Austin

You might have had the inclination at some point to get a little “weird” in Austin, TX. However, the city has much more than just a population of eccentrics. If you’ve thought of paying it a visit, we’ve listed some of the best attractions that you will want to see.

Picture of Austin, Tx





Hamilton Pool:

Do you like picnics? Well, pack one up and head to Hamilton pool. One day, a river dome collapsed and created this gorgeous setting of water falls and natural pools.

Congress Bridge:

What possible interest could a bridge hold for you? Well, at dusk, you can witness 1.5 million Mexican Free-Tailed Bats all fly out at once.

Barton Springs:

One of Austin’s greatest attractions, Barton Springs gets fed 70 degree water year round. Another great place for a picnic – or you can just chill with the family.

Longhorn Caverns:

Do you want to feel like you’ve gone to a different planet for an evening? Take a trip to the Longhorn Caverns, created after thousands of years of water running over limestone.


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