Most Common Types of Bail Bonds People Use

Most Common Types of Bail Bonds People Use

The Most Common Bail Bond Types Out There.

If you or a loved one has been arrested it’s important to know what bail bond to use to secure your release from jail. There are many types of bail bonds, but there are one that is more common than others. Below are the most common types of bail bonds people use.

Cash Bonds

A cash bond is a type of bail bonds that is paid upfront with cash. The person who puts up the cash bail bond can get some of their money back, but the courts are subject to keep a percentage of the bond.

Surety Bonds

If you cannot afford to pay the whole amount of a bond, this type of bail bonds is for you. Surety bonds are bonds that are issued by a bail bondsman. You pay a percentage of the bond to get the surety bond and then pay it off over time.

Property Bonds

If you don’t have the cash to gain release from jail, you can always use your property as collateral. This is called a property bond and there will usually be a lien placed on your house, car or other property that you are using in place of a bond.

Personal Recognizance

Personal Recognizance is where a defendant promises they will show up for their scheduled court date, and on that promise, they are released from custody. This type of bond will depend on the defendant’s crime they committed, their record, and the danger they pose to their community.

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