How To Handle Your Arrest Warrant In Travis County

If you currently have a warrant out for your arrest, you may be worried about being taken by surprise, or arrested a your home or place of work. However, you shouldn’t be living in fear. At ATX Bail Bonds, we offer solutions to clients with arrest warrants in Travis County, TX, in the way of arrest warrant walk-throughs.

Arrest Warrant Walk through

We’re Here To Help!

To begin, you need to verify that you actually have a warrant out for your arrest. You can use our Warrant Search Tool to look for your information in the database. If there is an active warrant for you in Travis County, you can find it there. You can also call us at 512-834-2245, and out bondsmen will be happy to help you.

Next, we can help you with the walk-through. A walk-through is the easiest way handle an arrest warrant without being arrested or spending time in jail. Call any of our bondsmen, and we can accompany you to the jail and assist with your self-surrender. By working with a bail agent, you can often avoid spending time in jail prior to your trial. After checking in at the bonding desk, you can expect to be fingerprinted, and taken to take booking photos. The jail then accepts the bond from your bondsman, and clears the warrant. It is essential that you keep a copy of all information they give you on that day, so that you can bring it to your court date.

By engaging in a self surrender with a licensed bail agent, you save your self the fear and embarrassment of an arrest, and  you display to the court that you were cooperative with the police, which may help you during your trial. choosing a walk-through can save you time, and even money.  For our walk-through services in Austin, TX, call us at 512-834-2245 today!