What to Do When a Friend Gets Arrested

Do you know what to do when a friend gets arrested? Whether you’re with them at the time of arrest of they call you from jail, here’s some tips to help you navigate a stressful situation.

Do: Stay Calm

what to do when a friend gets arrestedIt is most important that you try to keep your friend calm. Don’t panic or yell. If you’re with your friend as they are getting arrested, do not verbally or physically assault the arresting officer. This could results in your own arrest, and can quickly escalate the situation. Your friend is likely stressed, angry, or afraid, and it is up to you to keep them as calm as possible.

Do: Get Information

If you’re going to help bail your friend out of jail, then you’ll need some information. Of course, their full name is essential. Other important facts to collect include the location of arrest or jail, charges, and date and time. If you cannot find this information on your own, call the county jail or contact a bail bondsman. There are many online resources to help you find what you need at no cost.

Do: Contact a Bail Bondsman

Depending on the charges your friend is facing, bail could cost anywhere from $100 to $100,000 and more. This is often a lot of money to come up with on short notice. Your friend will be stuck in jail until bail is paid, or until their court date.

However, by choosing a bail bond, your friend can get out of jail for only a small fraction of the cost. In this scenario, a bail bondsman agrees to put up the majority of the cash bail amount (set by a judge). In exchange, your friend must follow certain legally binding rules, the most important being that they show up for their court date. If your friend breaks the agreement, the bond is forfeit and your friend will be liable for the full cost of bail.

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