What crimes do sex offenders commit?

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Understanding Sex Crimes and Perpetrators

Most crime is unacceptable, but perhaps the most disgusting are sex crimes. Any crime that affects another human being as a victim will stay with them emotionally and mentally for years – perhaps even for life. This is especially true of sex crimes of any level and type.

How are sex crimes definition explained? 

Sex crimes are defined as ‘when violence occurs during a sexual act’ and there is no proof the victim consented to the act. The category of sex crimes also includes sex acts performed with a person that is unable to consent to the act. Those sex crimes are often against children. 

Sex crimes are informally defined by Oxford Dictionary as, “crime involving sexual assault or having a sexual motive.” Additionally, the OED includes in its definition, “steps to control press reporting of rape and other sex crimes”. 

In view of these definitions, any person that is accused of and arrested for sex crimes, and victims of these acts, should seek the experience and services of an attorney. It is recommended that the attorney an individual works with will have experience in this matter. Every state will have different definitions when it comes to this type of crime, and there are federal guidelines that must be followed as well. 

What are sex crimes? 

While victims of sex crimes will have everlasting effects due to this violence, it should be noted it has an effect on the convicted individual, too. The State of Texas has a harsh penalty system for sex crimes. A person arrested for the act of sex crimes can anticipate the following legal system results: 

  • Potential prison time 
  • Steep fines
  • Required sex offender registration

On a personal level, whether convicted or not the things that can be impacted by this arrest include but are not limited to unsurmountable stress, loss of employment, loss of freedom, and the tarnishing of one’s reputation. 

Anyone arrested for sex crimes should seek the help of an attorney experienced in sex crimes defense. Even if found guilty, an experienced attorney can help an individual navigate the system to get the best possible sentencing. 

The Texas Penal codes provide the following as sex crimes examples: 

  • Child sex include continuous sex abuse, aggravated sexual assault, aggravated kidnapping, sex trafficking, statutory rape, child prostitution, sexting, and participating in sexual performance by a child, etc.
  • Online solicitation for sex with a minor
  • Possession and/or distribution of child pornography
  • Indecency by contact with a child 
  • Indecency by exposure with a child 
  • Indecent exposure
  • Improper relationship between student-teacher 
  • Invasive visual recording
  • Public lewdness
  • Voyeurism
  • Unlawful disclosure and/or promotion of intimate visual material
  • Prostitution and promotion of prostitution
  • Obscenity
  • Rape and sexual assault

In the State of Texas, the majority of sex crimes are categorized as felonies. The penalties if convicted can be filed as first degree, second degree, and can carry the punishment of state prison time, fines, and the requirement to register as a sex offender. Do note that every case will be handled differently, which is why it is imperative to hire a sex crimes lawyer with experience in defending charges of sex crimes. 

Are all sex crimes violent?

Sadly, not all sex crimes are reported, and as a result, these constitute just a small fraction of crimes to be categorized in this country as violent crime. In 2005, a survey of crime victims, rape, and sexual assault accounted for less than 4 percent of the violent crimes against individuals 12 years old and older. 

Why are sex crimes underreported?

One of the well-known sex crimes facts is the majority of sexual crimes have a common basis: trust. Often, the crime is committed by someone the victim knows, making it easier for the perpetrator to manipulate them. In fact, in over of the 85% of sex crimes on record, the victims knew their abuser. Other reasons why sexual crimes go unreported include: 

  • Cover-Ups

Perhaps the saddest of all reasons, the cover-up of sexual crimes such as that by the Catholic Church has been headline news for years now.  The church has always been a place of safety, and with random shootings and sexual crimes now occuring, for many of us it seems that is no longer the case. 

  • Least Likely Suspect

Sexual crimes are almost always committed by an individual most people would not expect. It can be somebody you see every day, whether male or female, coaches, teachers or youth leaders, among others. Because this is somebody we’ve come to trust and who we feel safe around, we become vulnerable to their sexual predator objectives. 

  • Stigma Association

There is an unfortunate stigma attached to a person that has been accused of sexual crimes, even if they are found innocent and cleared of all charges. The stigma is there to stay.  This stigma may make some hesitant to make accusations, especially if they know the individual. 

  • Emotional Barriers

The victims of sexual crimes can be scared and because of this, rarely report the matter as they fear reprisal. Victims of sexual crimes often fear their abusers, sometimes while also having an unhealthy affection for the abuser that can be hard to comprehend for others.  

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In Closing

The latest statistics available for sex crimes cases in Texas are from 2018 and 2019. The total number of victims reported in 2019 was just over 18,000, almost a 9% decrease from 2018. The most noteworthy number of sexual assault victim to offender relationships were a little over 16% and over 53% of non-family members and over 46% were related to their attacker. If you need help after accusations of a sex crime, contact ATX Bail Bonds at 512.834.2245 today.