Surety Bonds

Surety Bonds are at the heart of the bail bond system. When you get a Bail Bond, from ATX Bail Bond, you get a surety bond. In a surety bail bond, there are three individuals involved. The first is the arresting agency. They receive the bond on the condition that the individual will follow certain conditions of release, such as appearing on specified court dates.

The second party is the person being released, and the third party is the bondsman who pays the bond. The bondsman receives a premium on the bond, which is paid by the person arrested. This premium is non-refundable because it is paid to the bondsman.

If at any point the defendant skips bail – that is, fails to show up for their court dates – the bail bonds company is responsible for bringing the individual to court. In this case, bounty hunters are usually hired to track the defendant down. Sometimes, if the bondsman company suspects that the individual might skip bail, he can revoke the bond and turn the individual over to the arresting agency.

If you have been granted a surety bond, it is essential that your friend or relative follow all the conditions of their release and show up to their court dates. They could be facing a lot of trouble if they try to skip out on bail.

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