The Booking and Bail Process

jail1. The person is arrest and brought to the police station to be booked, which is the process of obtaining the arrestee’s name, address, birthday, appearance, and fingerprints. Then, any personal property on the suspect is seized and a mug shot is taken.

2. Once the booking process is complete, the suspect is allowed to make a phone call. The best plan of action for them is to call a trusted bail bond company in Austin such as ATX Bail Bonds or contact a family member and have them give us a call.

3. Next, the arrestee will wait for a judge to determine if he or she is eligible for bail and set the cost of the bail. The amount the bail is set to is up to the judge’s discretion and depends on the severity of the crime. The judge may also take into account the criminal history of the defendant.

4. The person in jail has several options. They can wait in jail until their court hearing, they can pay the full amount of the bond up front with cash or credit card, or they can contact a bail agent in Austin. The latter option is the best choice for those who don’t want to spend days (or even months) in jail but who cannot afford to pay the full amount of bond.

5. The bail bondsman will pay the amount of bail and then charge you a small percentage of the bail cost as a fee for his services. In the event that the defended doesn’t show up on their mandatory court date, the bail bond company is responsible for paying the value of the bond.

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