Financing Your Freedom on Bail

handshake, agreementGathering up the funds to post bail may easily be one of the biggest concerns you may have about the bail process: how much do I pay up front? Is bail something I can afford? The team at ATX Bail Bonds offers financing and 24/7 assistance to secure your freedom on bail precisely when you need it most. Here we walk through the basics of financing bail to help you navigate your legal situation.

Posting Bail: Planning for Payment

When the courts consider a legal situation and setting a bail bond, the amount of bail is typically set at a significant amount so the defendant risks losing a large sum of money if they skip trial. You have several options when posting bail: paying the full amount in cash straight to the court, possibly mortgaging your property to cover the cost, or working with a bail agent to post a fraction of the total bail amount. Not only does working with an agent make bail more manageable financially, but a bail agent is able to swiftly and efficiently guide you through the bail process.

As we are dedicated to securing your freedom on bail, the team at ATX Bail Bonds offers financing to those who qualify. Call us today at 512-834-2245 for fast, affordable bail service.