How is the Bail Amount Determined?


A Judge Always Considers Flight Risk Before Setting the Amount of Money Needed to Release a Defendant.

After someone has been arrested, they are generally given the option to post bail. This is a deposit that is made in the form of cash, a bond or property that ensures the defendant will appear in court when they are supposed to. The defendant always has the option to pay their own way out, but if they cannot afford to do so, bail bond companies like ATX Bail Bonds exist to help individual get out of jail quickly. If you need a bail bond agent in Austin, TX, call our office today at 512.834.2245.

Factors That Impact Bail

The amount of money needed for release is not the same for every single defendant. There are many things that are taken into consideration before the judge determines a bail amount. In many cases, the amount is determined using an algorithm. Certain information about the defendant is entered into a computer software. The software gives the defendant a specific number of points and the bail is determined based on that number. The information given to the computer can include

  • The age of the defendant
  • The type of charges
  • The defendant’s criminal history
  • The defendant’s record of not appearing in court

In every case, the number one factor considered when determining the amount of money the courts will accept for the release of a defendant is how likely the defendant is to skip town or not show up to the court date.

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