What is Domestic Violence?

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Domestic violence come in many forms and can be a heavy weight for all of those involved. When it comes to domestic violence there are certain repercussions that will be given from each state when someone has been reported or arrested. Along with legal consequences, t’s important also to be aware of the different types of domestic violence that are prevalent and how it can affect people involved in the long run. Domestic violence will weigh heavily on the minds of the convicted as well as with family members and should be treated with appropriate seriousness. If you know of someone that is undergoing domestic violence get in touch with legal representation or counseling. Here is some general information regarding domestic violence that may prove enlightening to you.

What is the Domestic Violence Act?

The Domestic Violence Act states that domestic violence involves the act of any violence even if only verbally perpetrated by a household member to another household member and includes any omission that will cause moral or physical harm to another.

Who is affected by domestic abuse?

Domestic violence or abuse can be carried out in many forms from men against women, women against men, and in same-sex relations. The abuse can be given to the elderly, the young, or with common age.

How common is domestic violence in the US?

Domestic violence in the US according to figures from the Office for National Statistics in 2016 showed that one in ten recorded crimes was a result of domestic abuse.

What are the 3 stages in the cycle of violence?

Three stages of domestic violence can include the Tension-Building Phase, the Acute or Crisis Phase, and the Calm or Honeymoon Phase. It’s important to get familiar with the frequency and severity of abuse as it will tend to increase over time without proper intervention. Even over a period of time after intervention or without intervention there can still be changes made to the cycle of abuse. It’s important to consider your options be they with private intervention, family counseling, or any other method that will safely implement changes.

What are the signs and symptoms of abuse?

Domestic violence may show up in the behavior of those who are abused with changes in behavior such as hyperactivity, aggression, anger, and changes in work or school performance. Depression, anxiety, sudden loss of self-confidence, and unusual fears may develop. Usual activities or connections with friends may be something that those who are abused withdraw from as well.

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What are warning signs of violence?

  • frequent physical fighting
  • loss of temper on a daily basis
  • significant vandalism or property damage
  • detailed plans to commit acts of violence
  • increase in risk-taking behavior
  • increase in use of drugs or alcohol
  • carrying a weapon
  • announcing threats or plans for hurting others
  • enjoying hurting animals

What happens to first time domestic violence offenders?

Domestic violence for a first-time charge will have varying consequences depending on the court and county your case resides in. There is a possibility that you may be placed on probation, attend and complete anger management classes, or in some cases, jail time can be imposed. 

What is the statute of limitations on domestic violence in Texas?

In Texas, the statute of limitations with domestic violence will depend on the severity of the crime. With domestic assault being a misdemeanor the statute of limitations will be two years. With a charge of continuous violence against a family being a felony the statute of limitations would be three years. 

How long does domestic violence stay on your record in Texas?

Crimes with domestic violence in Texas will stay in the public record with note of you being arrested and charged unless action is taken. This will involve a long process of expungement or removal.

Can you get a domestic violence charge expunged in Texas?

When domestic violence is connected to a family violence offense in the state of Texas than the convicted is not eligible for expungement. The only way to get a domestic violence case expunged is if you’re not found guilty of the alleged crime or if the case gets dismissed.

Seek Assistance Concerning Domestic Violence 

Domestic violence is a serious crime and there are repercussions if you’ve been arrested. If you find yourself or someone you know who needs help with legal procedures or domestic violence bail after an arrest make sure to get in touch with a lawyer or bail bondsman for assistance. Don’t let domestic violence continue and impact your life or those of someone you know. Seek measures of assistance and make a change for the better. There are multiple avenues to take that can have these types of cases handled in a safe and smart way. Don’t let the cycle continue and seek the avenues available to you for help.

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