Should You Accept or Deny a Breathalyzer Test?

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What To Do With a DWI

In Texas, drunk driving or driving while intoxicated is not just discouraged, but something we are actively seeking to end. Our state does not view intoxicated driving lightly and neither should you. First offenses can cost you upwards of $500 as well as three days or more in jail. If you are caught during a major holiday, refusals to accept sobriety tests are automatically charged as DWI’s. This is a charge that will stick with you for the rest of your life. So when you need help with DWI bail bonds in Austin, TX, connect with ATX Bail Bonds. We’re available whenever you need us at 512.834.2245.

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What is a DWI

A DWI means that someone was driving while intoxicated. More often than not, that is in reference to their blood alcohol content, but it could also be due to drugs or other controlled substances. Regardless of what it is, if you are arrested and charged with a DWI, you are dealing with some serious consequences. A DWI be a felony or a misdemeanor, depending on the situation. The one constant with any arrest is a sobriety test. For DWI bail bonds a breathalyzer is not required, but it will likely be administered at the request of the arresting officer. This is a situation that many vehicle owners are unsure about. While it may feel right to deny a breathalyzer test, there can be serious consequences to doing that. 

Reasons to Accept a Breathalyzer with a DWI

Why should you accept a sobriety test? If you are sober, then doing so will help your situation. Refusing the test can imply guilt, resulting in your arrest and need for help with DWI bail bonds. There are a number of other reasons along with that as to why you should accept a sobriety test.

  • Implied Consent: Being a license holder, there is a certain amount of implied consent that you are agreeing to. Basically, since you have a license, you are agreeing to a breathalyzer or blood test when asked. Obviously, you have the right to decline, but that can sometimes lead to more problems. 
  • “No Refusal”: During certain times of the year, such as during a major holiday, many counties adopt a no refusal stance. This means, regardless of what you want, you cannot refuse a sobriety test if a police officer suspects you to be driving while intoxicated.
  • Immediate License Suspension: If you do refuse a breathalyzer or blood test, you may be automatically arrested. More than that, your license will be immediately suspended. Until you can post bail and make your case in court, you will not be able to legally drive a car. 
  • Fines and Fees: While you may think you can live without a license, but in many states, there has been a crack down on drunk or intoxicated driving. This means that the fines, fees, and bail amounts have increased significantly. 

DWI bail bonds costs vary from the amount of an asphalt patching service to astronomical prices. No matter what, you can rely on ATX Bail Bonds for help. We can help with bail bonds for DWI situations and more. We understand this is a tough situation to be in. We will never judge you or a loved one. Instead, we will be here to help when you need it most. Give us a call today to learn more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much is bail for DWI?
    • The final bail amount is dependent on several factors. Is this your first offense? How much of a threat are you? These kinds of questions and variables determine the bail amount which can vary from $500 to $10,000.
  • Is DUI same as DWI?
    • Many think the two are interchangeable, but they can mean different things in different states. In some states, DWI stands for driving while intoxicated, which can refer to any controlled substance or drink. Whereas, DUI can stand for driving under the influence of alcohol. It’s important to understand what each means in each state. 
  • How bad is DWI?
    • No matter what, a DWI or a DUI is a serious offense. They are classified as misdemeanors. Those can feel not as bad but make no mistake. A misdemeanor charge and conviction will stay on your permanent record and affect your future.
  • Is DUI a felony in Texas?
    • No, generally speaking, a DWI charge is a classified misdemeanor. That in mind, if this is a repeated offense, you were driving while intoxicated with a minor in the vehicle, or other reasons, your charge can be increased to a felony. 
  • What are the consequences of a DWI?
    • Regardless if this is your first or offense or not, the consequences are serious. Your license can be suspended, you may be required to attend defensive driving classes, you could be placed on probation. If you have proven to be a serious threat, you may be required to install a breathalyzer that you have to breath in before starting the vehicle.
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