Rights of Convicted Felons

barbed wire prison fenceMany states in the U.S. suspend certain rights from convicted felons. Texas is indeed in the practice of restricting the rights of felons, so if you or someone close to you has been convicted of a felony, understanding the rights of felons in Texas is crucial to living out your freedoms to their fullest extent. Here we have briefly detailed several rights that are typically restricted from convicted felons.

Restricted Rights

Texas often restricts several rights from convicted felons. Convicted felons in Texas lose the right to vote. Felons in Texas also lose the right to serve on a jury. For five years after the completion of a prison sentence, parole, or other condition, felons may not possess firearms. Felons may not possess body armor to protect from gunfire. In addition, certain occupational licenses may be revoked or denied as a result of a felony conviction.

It is important to remember that the individual terms of your sentence, parole, probation, or other condition are the authority on your rights as a felon. On a case by case basis, rights may be restored, or not revoked at all. This is indeed at the discretion of the sentencing judge. For further questions regarding the rights of convicted felons in Texas, call our team at 512-834-2245 today!