Posting Bail: Drug Related Charges

barbed wire fenceFacing charges for drug possession, cultivation, trafficking, or distribution can be incredibly frightening. The penalties for drug charges can be quite severe with long ranging, life altering consequences. It is crucial to post bail and seek assistance from qualified legal professionals. To help you access your right to posting bail and seeking council, we have briefly outlined drug charges here.

The Drug Enforcement Agency of the United States classifies drugs into schedules to help provide a more uniform system to monitor and control their use. These schedules categorize drugs based on their risk of dependency and their use in the medical field. They range from I to V in decreasing abuse potential. Schedule I drugs have no presently accepted use in the medical field and have a high risk of dependency, including LSD, methaqualone, ecstasy, heroin, marijuana, and peyote. Schedule V drugs have the lowest risk of dependency, and include drugs such as Lyrica, Robitussin AC, and other cough syrups.

Drug Charge Penalties

There are many factors that affect the penalties for drug charges. The nature of involvement, the amount, and the schedule of the drug are all considered. But no matter the charge, seeking legal counsel is critical when preparing for trial. Post bail today to secure your freedom and consult qualified legal professionals! Call us today at 512-834-2245 for fast, affordable bail.