A Faster Bail Process

Unless a crime is federal, your state and local regions will determine certain elements of the criminal process, such as when to arraign a defendant. Arraignment is when bail is set. This means that when you get bail set depends upon where you life. In most cases, the courts try to get this done in less than 72 hours; no one in the system wants to keep defendants in jail any longer that those people want to be there because it is a drain on the system’s resources, and the criminal justice system never sleeps. However, the court’s ability to get a person’s bail set quickly also depends upon the day of the week–holidays and weekend days affect this schedule. So, how can you help the bail process move along?

Getting Through the Bail Process

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We Will Help You Through the Bail Process.

There are elements of the bail and court process that you simply cannot change. However, it does help you know your rights and the process so that you can take all the necessary steps immediately and not waste any time figuring out what to do. Once you are arrested, call someone whom you trust. If they don’t know what to do, be ready to tell them. Tell them who to call for your bail. If you don’t yet know your bail, tell them to come to the jail and get all possible information.

The moment that bail is set, your trusted person should reach out to a reliable source for bail bonds. Knowing what bail service to call is part of knowing what to in this situation in general. That is where we come in. When you need help with the bail process in Austin, TX, call ATX Bail Bonds at 512-834-2245. We will help you get the bail you need and get out of jail as soon as is possible.