How to Deal with a Traffic Stop

Everybody cringes when they see the flashing blue lights; it doesn’t matter if you’ve done something or not. Fortunately, in America, we have rights set in place to help protect us from any potential abuse by the police. Knowing them is very important. Here are the basics of how to exercise your rights during a police stop:






Take precautions and exercise safety:

Pull over to a safe spot, as far away from traffic as possible. Turn on interior lights and keep your hands on the wheel. Police have their eye out for suspicious movement, they’re always on the lookout for potential violence. Remember, they’re the guys with the guns. You only have to roll down our window a little bit, enough to talk to them. 

Exercise your right to remain silent:

Just about everyone is aware that what you say to a police officer can and will be used against you in a court of law; it’s a wonder then why people don’t exercise their right to remain silent. If an officer starts interrogating you, reply “I am going to remain silent”.

NEVER consent to a police search:

Never let a police officer search your car. This doesn’t mean resist, but if they start a search without your permission just state calmly “I do not consent to this search”. The Fourth Amendment has taken enough damage in recent years. It’s up to citizens to reinforce it by asserting our rights.

Know if you’re being detained:

At any time during a traffic stop, you may ask “am I free to go?”. After that, they will either inform you that you are being detained or tell you to move on. If you are being detained, stay cool and say “I am going to remain silent”.


Never, ever, antagonize a police officer. You’re the only one that’s going to get hurt. The best way to get out of a traffic stop is to know and assert your rights.

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